Aging Services

ADRC - Aging and Disability Resource Center

The Aging and Disability Resource Center is, "A one-stop shop for aging and disability information, programs and services." The ADRC of the Big Sandy Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living provides service to the five (5) counties in the Big Sandy Region. The ADRC is a collaborative effort of the Administration on Aging (AoA) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) designed to streamline access to long-term supportive services. 

Long-term support refers to a wide range of in-home services and programs that are designed to help individuals with disabilities of all ages to stay in their home of choice. The goal of the ADRC is to provide individuals with all the information they need to make informed choices and to streamline access to the individual's choice for long-term support. ADRC improves the ability of state and local governments to manage resources and to monitor program quality through centralized data collection and evaluation. ADRC programs provide information and assistance to individuals needing either public or private resources, professionals seeking assistance on behalf of their clients, and individuals planning for their future long term care needs. 

Big Sandy Senior Games

The Big Sandy Senior Games have been held the second and third Friday in May since 1985. These events are provided as part of the Older Americans Month activities. Registration is open to anyone 50 years or older.

The activities include bowling, softball toss, horseshoes, basketball free throw and spot shoot, Football toss, archery and race walk. Each event is divided into gender and age groups to compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals.

Community sponsors at the Gold, Silver or Bronze levels provide funding or in-kind contributions to make this event possible.

Community Collaborations for Children (CCC) - Families First

Community Collaboration for Children funds child abuse/neglect prevention services. In-Home Based Services are required statewide.

In-Home Based Services are designed to educate, strengthen and support families to prevent child abuse and neglect. Services shall develop, support, and empower the family unit by teaching problem-solving skills, discussing appropriate discipline techniques, assisting parents in becoming self-sufficient, and coordinating available community resources. Services combine skill-based intervention with flexible scheduling so that they are available to families according to their individual needs. In-Home Based Service staff teaches the family how to live together safely while addressing their immediate needs. Families may be referred to relevant community resources and counseling programs as needed. In DPP cases, child(ren) must reside with their parents or caregivers who have permanent custody. In community partner or self referrals child(ren) must reside with the caregiver on a regular basis. 

Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Program

The Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Program provides assistance to maintain participants in the home. Services under the HCB Waiver program include Home and Community Supports (Personal Care & Homemaker) and Respite. Participant Directed Services allows the client to hire their own employee and set their own schedule for services. PDS gives the participant greater freedom of choice, flexibility and control over their services. Traditional Case Management services are provided to HCBW clients also. These clients are HCB waiver clients who choose to have an agency provide the aide to assist them and we provide the case management services.   


The Homecare Program provides in-home services to senior citizens 60 and older to assist in maintaining them in their home instead of the nursing home. Services include assessment, case management, chore, escort, home repair, homemaker, personal care and respite. Clients must meet eligibility requirements of needing assistance with Activities of Daily Living and must not be eligible for services under Medicaid Waiver. This is a state funded program and uses a sliding fee scale. 

Long Term Care Ombudsman

The Long Term Care Ombudsman serves as an advocate for nursing home, personal care home and family care home residents. The Ombudsman works to resolve problems or complaints with quality of care issues. The ombudsman also provides education on resident rights and abuse/neglect to LTC residents and LTC staff, as well as provides public awareness to the general public on LTC issues and the ombudsman program. 

National Family Caregiver Program

 There are two components to the National Family Caregiver Program, Caregiver and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Caregiver provides services for someone who is caring for someone 60 and older. Grandparents program is for grandparents, 55 and older, who are raising their grandchildren. Services for both programs include Information, Assistance, Respite, Supplemental Services, and Counseling/Support Groups/Training.  

Senior Citizen Centers

Big Sandy Area Development District, Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living, contracts with the Senior Citizen programs in the five counties of the Big Sandy area to provide the TITLE III services to our population age 60 and older.

*Floyd County  has 6 centers - Betsy Layne SCC; Martin Area SCC, McDowell SCC, Mud Creek SCC, Prestonsburg SCC and Wheelwright SCC.

*Johnson County has 1 center located in Paintsville.

*Magoffin County has 1 center located in Salyersville.

*Martin County has 1 center located in Inez.

*Pike County has 8 centers - Belfry SCC, Blackberry SCC, Elkhorn City SCC, Kimper SCCC, Marrowbone SCC, Phelps SCC, Pikeville SCC and Shelby Valley SCC


*Congregate meals - meals served in the senior ctr

*Home Delivered meals - meals that are delivered to home bound clients

*Nutrition Counseling - provided to clients on an as needed basis

*Nutrition Education - information provided to clients on a monthly basis


Supportive Services are provided by the 17 senior centers in the Big Sandy area and are as follows: Education, Health Promotion, Information and Assistance, Outreach, Recreation, Telephone Reassurance, and Transportation.


Evidence based health promotion activities are provided in all 17 senior centers in the Big Sandy Area. Those services consist of but are not limited to: Bingocize, Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, Matter of Balance, Chronic Disease Self - Management Program, Silver Sneakers, and Walk with Ease. 


A program that provides outreach, home visits, phone calls, referrals for grief counseling, performs health assessments and education to UMWA Funds beneficiaries.

Title III Legal Assistance

 Appalachian Research and Defense Fund (APPALRED) Legal Services will be the provider for the Big Sandy Area Development District. They have contracted to provide legal representation and advice through Title III Legal Assistance.

APPALRED will target people who are sixty years or older that are in need of legal assistance. For those clients that are home bound or in a nursing home, they will provide services either by phone or collateral contacts. such as case managers, ombudsman, or guardians. If APPALRED is unable to serve an individual, they will refer the person to a private attorney. 

SHIP - State Health Insurance Assistance Program Medicare Benefits Counseling

 State Health Insurance Program or SHIP, provides Medicare beneficiaries and pre-enrollees assistance with Medicare related information. This service is FREE for the public.  SHIP does not sell anything.

Our main goal is to inform Medicare beneficiaries what plans and services are available so better personal choices can be made about their Medicare health plans.

Services include:  Presentations to community groups; Attending inter-agency meetings; Printed information and brochures; Referrals to and from local agencies; Help with applying for available Medicare savings programs.

SHIP Can Also Assist YOU: Understanding Medicare statements and letters; Compare Medicare Supplemental Policies; Submit prescription assistance applications for non-covered or expensive medications.

For more information about SHIP services int he Big Sandy area of Floyd, Johnson, Pike, Magoffin and Martin counties, please call our SHIP Coordinator, Angela Slone - 606.886.2374, ext. 361.