Title VI Complaint Process

 The Complaint Process is as follow:

1.  Complaints shall be handled within 90 days of the receipt.

2.  A letter shall be sent acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

3.  A preliminary inquiry shall be conducted on all complaints to substantiate or refute the allegations.

4.  If the preliminary inquiry indicates that there may be a problem, then a full complaint investigation shall be initiated.  A letter shall be sent to the complainant explaining that an investigation shall be started

and that their cooperation shall be needed int he future.

5.  If the allegations are not substantiated, a letter shall be sent to the complainant that contains a description of the allegations investigated, the scope of the investigation, the facts learned and a closing statement

summarizing the basis on which the determination was made.

6.  A complaint log shall be kept for records and submission to the proper federal authorities.