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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 14:23

Homecare is ...


Homecare is an in-home assistance program for older persons who need help at home. Homecare helps with housekeeping, personal care and many other services. Homecare enables older persons to live safer and more comfortable lives and does not affect any services or benefits they may receive.

Homecare Eligibility ...


You must be at least 60 years old. You must be a either a person at risk of going to a nursing home or a person in a nursing home who could go home if you had help. You must need one or more of the services Homecare provides. Since Homecare is a social service rather than a health care service, you do not need a doctor's order, except for home health aide services.

Who Pays ...


A combination of federal, state and local monies fund the Homecare Program. A small charge for services may be made depending on income and family size. Any medical bills or other living expenses that you have to pay could reduce the amount of the Homecare charge. Because of these rules, most people who receive Homecare services are not expected to pay.

Homecare Services ...

  • Assessment - Finding out what you can do for yourself, what help you have from family and friends, and what help you need.

  • Case Management - Making a special plan and schedule for your care. Helping get the services you need.

  • Home Management - Helping you with general household activities such as housework, laundry, shopping, and cooking.

  • Personal Care - Helping you with bathing, dressing, hair care, feeding yourself, and other personal care.

  • Home Delivered Meals - Bringing a nutritionally balanced lunch to your home.

  • Chore - Doing heavy housework and minor repairs.

  • Escort - Going with you to the doctor, dentist or other needed service if you cannot go alone.

  • Respite - Staying with you for a short while if you cannot stay alone and your usual companion needs to be away.

To learn more about the Kentucky Homecare Program, please phone:



Toll Free



Services are directed to those Kentuckians over the age of 60 whose functional limitations and lack of adequate support create a danger of institutional placement.

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