Big Sandy Area Development District      Policy Manual


In an effort to minimize disruptions and maintain a harmonious environment, we prohibit people who are not Big Sandy ADD employees from either soliciting or distributing literature in the workplace at any time for any purpose.

We recognize that our employees are often active and have interest in events and organizations outside work. However, it is also our policy that employees may not solicit for or distribute literature about these activities during working time.

Following are some examples of the types of solicitation that are not allowed:

* The collection of money, goods, or gifts for community religious, political or charitable groups

* The sale of goods, services, or subscriptions outside the scope of official organization business

* The circulation of petitions

* The distribution of literature not approved by the employer

* The solicitation of memberships, fees, or dues

Posting notices and solicitations on our bulletin boards is also limited to only certain types of information. Big Sandy ADD uses these bulletin boards to display information we think is important to employees. We suggest that you check them frequently to see:

* Affirmative Action statement

* Employee announcements

* Internal memoranda

* Job openings

* Organization announcements

* Workers' compensation insurance information

* State disability insurance/unemployment insurance information

If you have a message of interest to the workplace that you want to post, you may submit it to the Executive Assistant for approval. Approved messages will be posted by the Executive Assistant.

Policy No.  712  Issued  7/17/2003    

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