Big Sandy Area Development District      Policy Manual

Return of Property

As part of your job, you may be issued or given temporary possession of Big Sandy ADD property, equipment, materials or written information.

You are expected to be responsible for and maintain control of any Big Sandy ADD property in your possession. If your employment ends, all Big Sandy ADD property must be returned on or before your last day of work. In situations where you do not return Big Sandy ADD property, we may take steps to recover the item or its cost by withholding from your regular or final paycheck when allowed by law, or by taking legal action.

All staff who are assigned Big Sandy ADD property will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of receipt listing the items disbursed and the assigned dollar value. You will be responsible for the return of this property if you leave employment. If you do not return the property signed for, you will be financially responsible to the ADD for the dollar amount listed. The value of unreturned property will be payroll deducted from your final check. This acknowledgement will be kept in you personnel file in the accounting office.PROPERTY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM

I acknowledge receipt of the property or equipment listed herein and that all property or equipment listed is in good condition. By signing this acknowledgement I agree to the value listed herein and promise that I will return any property or equipment assigned to me in good condition or I will be held financially liable for it. I also understand that the value of any property or equipment not returned upon my termination of employment will be withheld from my final paycheck.






Policy No.  706  Issued  7/17/2003    

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