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Personal Appearance

We want Big Sandy ADD employees to reflect an appropriate business image to constituants and visitors. How you dress, your grooming and personal cleanliness standards all contribute to that image and also to the morale of your co-workers.

During business hours or whenever representing Big Sandy ADD, you are expected to present a clean and neat appearance. This is particularly true if your job involves dealing in person with constituants or visitors. Blue jeans and logo shirts (with the acception of BSADD t-shirt logo) are unacceptable except on casual Fridays if no other meetings warrant dress attire.

As regards the KY Works Program's Workforce Development Specialists, dress code is as follows:

1. Dress is described as "professional attire".

2. Men will wear a tie while on the job.

3. Neither men or women may wear shorts or jeans while on the job unless prior approval is obtained from the Regional KY Works Director.

4.If you are not dressed according to this policy, you may be asked to return home and re-dress appropriately. This is at the sole discretion of the Regional KY Works Director.

Your team leader is responsible for establishing a reasonable dress code appropriate to the job you perform. Be sure to consult your team leader if you have questions as to what constitutes appropriate appearance. We may, when necessary, make reasonable accommodation in the personal appearance policy for a person with a disability.

Policy No.  705  Issued  3/17/2011  Applicable  2/2/2011

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