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Personal Leave

Big Sandy ADD will consider a request from an eligible employee to take an unpaid personal leave of absence to fulfill personal obligations. Only regular full time employees are eligible.

Eligible employees may request a personal leave only after completing 12 months of service. In order for us to give your leave request adequate consideration, we ask that you submit the request in writing to your team leader as far in advance as possible.

An eligible employee may not take more than 60 calendar days of personal leave every 1 year. With team leader approval, you may include available accrued paid time off, such as vacation, as part of your personal leave period.

We will give each request individual consideration. The decision to approve a personal leave will be based on a number of business factors such as anticipated workload needs and staffing considerations during the proposed absence.

Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of the applicable plans, Big Sandy ADD will continue to provide health insurance benefits for the full period of the approved personal leave.

While on leave employees will be removed from active payroll and benefit accrual, such as vacation, sick leave, or holiday benefits, will be suspended during a personal leave and will resume when you return to active employment.

When a personal leave ends, we will make every reasonable effort to return you to the same position if it is available or to an available similar position for which you are qualified. However, Big Sandy ADD cannot guarantee reinstatement in all cases.

If you do not report to work promptly at the end of a personal leave, we will assume that you have resigned.

Policy No.  603  Issued  7/17/2003    

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