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Whistle Blower

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has enacted legislation protecting employees from disciplinary action where the employee has disclosed to an appropriate government district illegal conduct by the employer. As such, unless the employee knows that the report is false, this employer will not discharge, threaten, or otherwise discriminate against an employee because the employee reports, verbally or in writing, a violation or suspected violation of law, regulation, or rule promulgated pursuant to the laws of this state, a political subdivision of this state, or the United States to a public body, or because an employee is requested by a public body to participate in an investigation, hearing, or inquiry held by that public body, or a court action.

Information regarding known or suspected disclosure of information shall be forwarded to the Executive Director, except that information shall be forwarded to the Chairman if the disclosure involves the Executive Director. The Executive Director (or Chairman) shall conduct an investigation into the disclosure within one calendar month following receipt of the information.

Policy No.  599  Issued  7/17/2003  Applicable  11/2/2010

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