Big Sandy Area Development District      Policy Manual

Workplace Monitoring

Big Sandy ADD may conduct workplace monitoring to help ensure quality control, employee safety, security, and customer satisfaction.

The computer equipment systems and Internet access that employees may use are always the property of Big Sandy ADD. Therefore, Big Sandy ADD reserve the right to monitor computer activities. We also reserve the right to retrieve and read any computer files or data that are composed, sent, or received through Internet connections or stored in our computer systems.

Big Sandy ADD may conduct video surveillance of non-private workplace areas. We use video monitoring to identify safety concerns, maintain quality control, detect theft and misconduct, and discourage and prevent acts of harassment and workplace violence.

You may request access to information gathered through workplace monitoring that may impact employment decisions. Big Sandy ADD will grant access unless there is an ongoing investigation or a legitimate business reason to protect confidentiality.

Because we are sensitive to the legitimate privacy rights of our employees, we will make every effort to guarantee that workplace monitoring is always done in an ethical and respectful manner. All monitoring must be pre-approved by the Executive Director.

Policy No.  518  Issued  7/17/2003    

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