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Business Travel Expenses

Big Sandy ADD will reimburse employees for reasonable business travel expenses when the travel has been approved in advance by the Team Leader. Once your travel plans are approved, and appropriate purchase requisitions and purchase orders are issued, you are expected to make your travel arrangements through your department.

When approved, we will reimburse the costs of travel, meals, lodging, and other expenses directly related to accomplishing the objective of your trip. When traveling out of the District, in order to be reimbursed you must submit an itemized receipt that lists the number of people in your party as well as who they are, with your time sheet for meals. In the event you do not attach an itemized receipt, reimbursement must be approved by the Executive Director. If the reimbursement is not approved, credit card charges will be withheld from your next payroll. If you do not have an overnite trip associated with your travel, but are out of the District for more than 7.5 hours, a maximum limit for meals is set at $15.00 excluding not more than 15% gratuity per person. If an overnite stay is necessary, a maximum limit for meals is set at $30.00 excluding not more then 15% gratuity per person. Any charges submitted in excess of maximum amounts must be validated in writing to the Executive Director for approval. Any anticipation of expenses exceeding this limit, ie: out of state travel to a large city, must be pre-approved by the Executive Director. Naturally, we expect you will keep expenses within reasonable limits.

Reimbursement will not be made for the cost of self-entertainment or alcoholic beverages, however, reimbursement will be made for the cost of meals provided to others when necessary to perform the business of the District and approved by the Executive Director. All receipts must specify the number of persons relative to the receipt, otherwise reimbursement will not be approved.

The method of reimbursement of expenses of board members and advisory council members for attendance at seminars and training sessions when representing the District shall be treated the same was as an employee of the District.

In the event funds are insufficient to reimburse all those eligible for out-of-region travel, the following priorities shall be followed: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, 2nd Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.

It is the express policy of the District that employees will exercise moderation and discretion in incurring any costs while traveling on District business.

The above not withstanding, the Executive Director has full and complete discretion as to the appropriateness of any or all expenses for which reimbursement is requested.

Expenses that generally will be reimbursed include the following:

* Airfare or train fare for travel in coach or economy class or the lowest available fare.

* Car rental fees, only for compact or mid-sized cars.

* Fares for shuttle or airport bus service, where available; costs of public transportation for other ground travel.

* Taxi fares, only when there is no less expensive alternative.

* Mileage reimbursement of .37 cents for use of personal cars, calculated from the assigned work station, based on the most current cost allocation plan, only when less expensive transportation is not available.

* Cost of standard accommodations in low to mid-priced hotels, motels, or similar lodgings.

* Cost of meals, with overnight stay, $30.00 per person maximum excluding gratuity, with itemized receipt, without overnight stay, $15.00 per person maximum, excluding gratuity with itemized receipt.

* Tips not exceeding 15% of the total cost of a meal or 10% of a taxi fare.

* Charges for telephone calls, fax, and similar services required for business purposes.

Travel Budgets: At the beginning of each fiscal year, each District employee will be notified of the amount budgeted in that fiscal year for travel. As actual travel costs are incurred, those costs will be charged to the individual's budget. Expenditures, which exceed the annual travel budget, will not be paid. Only the Executive Director or the Financial Director, with the Executive Directors authorization, may amend travel budgets.

Reimbursement: Generally, travel expenses will be reimbursed monthly. All requests for reimbursement shall be made on the standard time and expense form that is submitted monthly to payroll and approved by your team leader. All receipts must specify the number of persons and reason for expense.

Credit Cards: If any credit card is used for travel expenses of any type, or any other purchase, i.e.: Walmart, Lowes, Visa, etc. receipts must be provided immediately upon return. If an employee signs for a credit card purchase and does not provide receipts to Accounting, the purchase will be payroll deducted from the employee's next paycheck immediately upon return.

Mileage for the District must be recorded on the actual day(s) of travel. If travel occurred on the weekend, note this in the "destination" column of the timesheet. Accounting will not reimburse travel entered on days in which an employee is on leave unless there is a notation in the "destination" column.

To claim mileage reimbursement for traveling to the communities listed below, only the name of the community and the mileage need to be listed on the travel voucher.

The following communities are for round trip travel from the District office.

Phelps104 miles

Blackberry130 miles

Martin 23 miles

McDowell 44 miles

Mud Creek 56 miles

Wayland 46 miles

Wheelwright 70 miles

Paintsville 26 miles

Inez 48 miles

Salyersville 44 miles

Belfry101 miles

Elkhorn City 92 miles

Betsy Layne 34 miles

Pikeville 54 miles

Virgie-Douglas 77 miles

Marrowbone 88 miles

Out of District

Hazard 94 miles

Frankfort292 miles

Lexington240 miles

Louisville290 miles

Travel Advance section has been removed is is not allowed.

Out of state travel: Any out of state travel by District employees must be approved in advance by the Executive Director and will be charged to the employee's regular annual travel budget.

In the event that you are involved in an accident while traveling on business, immediately report the incident to your team leader and the accounting department. If you use a vehicle owned, leased, or rented by Big Sandy ADD, it may not be used for personal reasons unless you have prior approval.

When a business trip is over, submit your completed travel expense report with your monthly time report, accompanied by receipts for all individual expenses.

Your team leader can give you guidance and assistance on procedures related to travel arrangements, travel advances, expense reports, reimbursement for specific expenses, or any other business travel issues.

We consider abuse of this policy to be a very serious matter. This includes falsifying expense reports to reflect costs that were not incurred by you or were not business-related. Therefore, failure to follow this business travel expense policy may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Policy No.  512  Issued  9/1/2007  Applicable  6/21/2007

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