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The District shall grant Flex Time to exempt employees and pay overtime (one and one half times the hourly rate amount set out in the letter of employment) to hourly or non-exempt employees only as specifically authorized hereinafter, and pursuant to state and federal labor laws.

Flex Time - Special tasks, attendance at night meetings, or other circumstances often require time in excess of the hours of the standard work week of 37-1/2 hours The designated team leader shall work with the employee to accommodate significant excess time on the job through re-scheduling time at work during the specified month of extra tasks. However, when such accommodation is not possible, and at such time as an employee has worked at least 40 hours in a given week, upon prior notification and consultation with the designated team leader, flex time will be allowed. Flex time shall be scheduled so that it is taken within thirty days following the time it is authorized. The accumulation of flex time i.e.: working through lunch and claiming flex time, is to be pre-approved and noted on the monthly time log. The team leader must also approve scheduling the use of accumulated flex time. Flex time is a benefit, is not accrued, and has no monetary value.

Overtime Work - All non-exempt employees must request and be so authorized to work in excess of 37-1/2 hours per week.

Donated Time - Non-exempt employees may not donate work time to the District at the office or any other location.

There may be times when Big Sandy ADD cannot meet its operating requirements or other needs during regular working hours. If this happens, we may schedule employees to work in excess of normal hours of operation. When possible, we will try to let you know in advance of a mandatory overtime assignment.

It is our policy that no flex time or overtime can be worked without the approval and authorization of the team leader. The ADD tries to distribute assignments fairly among all employees who are qualified to perform the required work.

With specific authorization only, all non-exempt employees will be paid overtime compensation in accordance with federal and state wage and hour restrictions. Overtime pay is based on actual hours worked. For this reason, time off for sick leave, vacation, and other paid or unpaid leaves of absence is not considered hours worked for the purpose of calculating overtime pay.

Policy No.  507  Issued  3/17/2011  Applicable  2/2/2011

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