Big Sandy Area Development District      Policy Manual

Use of Phone and Mail Systems

Big Sandy ADD telephones are reserved for business use only. Therefore, employees are discouraged from making excessive outgoing personal calls, including local calls, and using cell phones excessively in the office. We may require you to reimburse Big Sandy ADD for charges resulting from personal calls when applicable.

Our mail system is intended for business purposes only so we request that you do not send or receive your personal mail at work. If an emergency arises and you must use our mail system, reimbursement for postage is required.

Because our telephone communications are an important reflection of our image to customers and the community, every employee should use proper telephone etiquette. Some examples of good telephone etiquette are always using the approved greeting, speaking courteously and professionally, confirming the information you have received from the caller, and only hanging up once the caller has done so.

Policy No.  504  Issued  3/17/2011  Applicable  2/8/2011

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