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480 Purchasing

Effective Date: 2/3/2003

Revision Date:

SUBJECT: Purchasing

I. Policy

Acquisition of any materials, goods or services required by employees of the District shall be purchased according to the District's Procurement Policy & Procedures, and in accordance with the following small purchase procedures.

II. Procedure

A.Employees may require supplies, materials, or equipment from time to time, which may not be found in the central supplies storage. Such acquisition must allow for fair and competitive price quotations or bidding from potential vendors. All purchases of supplies, equipment and contractual services for the District shall be made only after a Purchase Order has been generated and approved, in accordance with the following:

Any staff member may initiate a purchase by preparing the required requisition form and submitting for approval to the designated Team Leader. The requisition will then be routed to the Financial Director. The Financial Director will forward the requisition to the District Accountant after approval and appropriate coding has been entered. The District Accountant will then issue a purchase order and either makes the purchase and forwards purchased items to the appropriate staff person, or the purchase order will be given to the appropriate staff person for purchase. The District Accountant shall retain in a pending file, a copy of the purchase order until a receipt or invoice can be attached. The Purchase Order will then be forwarded to accounting for payment.

No material shall be ordered nor any purchases made prior to the issuance of the purchase order.

All purchases shall be made after an analysis of price quotations, and selection shall reflect this analysis. Purchases costing $10,000 or more shall require and be based on competitive bids. Bids or quotations need not be taken if the vendor is the sole source of the supplies, equipment or service, and is so documented.

All purchases of routine utility services (including communications) or rental payments shall be made by appropriate contract with the vendor. Individual invoices or services shall be examined to insure that the amount requested for payment matches costs, types and amounts of service provided and listed on the invoice. Upon proper certification by the Accounting Department of invoices and bills, disbursements shall be made in accordance with the standard procedure for the issuance of checks and vouchers by the District.

Acquisition through the Kentucky Surplus Property Program, state price contracts, and leases through the Kentucky Council of Area Development District and/or KACO leasing trust will be used whenever possible and when in the best interest of the District. Whenever state price contracts are used for purchasing, quotations or bids for purchases costing less than $10,000 is waived.

5.Employee’s may take advantage of the District’s purchasing power for personal use, as long as they pay the applicable state sales tax and follow the procedure for other purchases as outlined in this policy above. When the invoice is received by accounting for a personal purchase, the amount of that purchase will be deducted from the employee’s next payroll.

Policy No.  480  Issued  7/17/2003    

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