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Employment Termination

Termination of employment is an inevitable part of personnel activity within any organization, and many of the reasons for termination are routine. These are some of the most common circumstances for employment terminations:


A. Volunteer Termination/Resignation

1.If a staff member finds it necessary to resign from the District , theindividual is expected to notify the Executive Director in writing at least 10 working days prior to termination date, giving reasons for the resignation.

2.A staff member who is resigning or terminated is required to return all records, keys, and/or property of the District in his/her possession or custody, and to provide status report on any work in progress. Staff who receive equipment for their position will be required to sign an acknowledgment stating the market value of that equipment. The value may be payroll deducted if the aforesaid property is not returned.

3.Unauthorized absence from work of two (2) working days will be considered as, and so constitute, a resignation, unless, due to special circumstances the staff member is unable to report his/her reason for absence.

B.Circumstantial Termination/Layoff

1.The Executive Director, with approval of the Executive Committee, may layoff employees when necessary due to changes in duties, organizational changes, lack of work, or funds. When feasible, employees who are to be laid off will be integrated into other position openings by transfer.

2.Planned Reduction in Force - As conditions warrant, the Executive Director may propose a reduction in work force plan to the Executive Committee. Upon authorization, the Executive Director will inform all employees that a plan is being considered. Upon approval, but in no case less than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the reduction in work force, the employees will be given written notices of how the plan affects them.

A specific plan will be developed for each planned reduction in work force. The plan will establish those District functions and positions to be retained and specifically note those employees who are to be retained and those who are to be laid off, or required to work reduced hours. Further:

a.The plan will specify retention and separation factors. Generally, employees with higher performance evaluation ratings who are qualified to perform additional work activities to be assigned to them will be retained. If performance evaluation ratings are equal, employees with the longest continuous service, including leaves of absence, will be retained.

b.Part-time positions may be eliminated or combined, but part-time employees need not be separated to preclude the separation of full-time employees.

c.Layoffs made to meet a reduction in force plan of the District will be clearly documented to illustrate that such layoff was not a disciplinary action.

3.Employees terminated at the convenience of the District, for whatever reason, will be paid their earned accumulated leave up to 20 days. Employees who are laid off will be given priority consideration for re-employment when conditions are more favorable.

C.Suspension & Discharge

1.Any staff member may be suspended or discharged at any time, by the Executive Director for "just cause" determined by careful and factual consideration of all relevant matters.

2.The suspension or discharge of a staff member shall be in writing, and the reasons for the action shall be cited and retained in the personnel files.3.A suspension will clearly state the terms and conditions under which a staff member will be allowed to return to the position.

4.The Executive Director may suspend or discharge a staff member for the following reasons:

a.failure to satisfactorily perform the duties for which employed.

b.fighting; threatening or attempting bodily injury to another; stealing; malicious mischief resulting in the injury of a person or destruction of property.

c.public intoxication.

d.non-prescribed use of habit forming drugs or hallucinogen or their induction or possession.

e.disorderly or immoral conduct; violation of the District's policy prohibiting sexual harassment; violation of the District's policy prohibiting dual relationships.

f.insubordination, including refusal or failure to perform work assignments.

g.abusive and/or manipulative behavior toward other District personnel, the public or personnel of any client agencies and jurisdictions of the district.

h.willful neglect in the care or use of District property.

i.gross or habitual carelessness or recklessness.

j.outside employment without proper notification of and approval by the Executive Director.

k.unauthorized or excessive tardiness or absence.

l.incurring costs or obligations in the name of the District without the written authorization or prior approval of the Executive Director.

m.falsifying an official document or record including, application for employment and other personnel records.

n.unauthorized use of the office address to receive personal mail or goods; unauthorized use of the office telephone, e-mail or equipment for personal matters.

o.conduct unbecoming a staff member of the District, including but not limited to the acceptance of anything of value from a client of District services.

p.repeated failure to comply with the provisions set forth in this manual.

q.conviction of any penal or criminal offense.

r.other actions or behaviors which disrupt or impede the business of the District.

5.Any staff member receiving notice of suspension or termination pursuant to this policy must comply immediately with the directive.

6.Any staff member wishing to appeal the action of the Executive Director must follow the procedures for invoking the Fair Hearing Process, as set forth in this manual.

The ADD will generally schedule an exit interview at the time of employment termination. The exit interview is an opportunity to discuss such issues as employee benefits, conversion privileges, repayment of any outstanding debt to Big Sandy ADD, or return of Big Sandy ADD-owned property. It is also a time for you to voice any suggestions, complaints, and questions you may have.

Since employment with Big Sandy ADD is based on mutual consent, either you or Big Sandy ADD have the right to terminate the employment relationship at will, with or without cause or advance notice, at any time.

Your benefits are affected by termination in several ways. An employee separated in good standing for any reason will be paid for any unused annual leave time that has accrued, not to exceed 320 hours. Payment for accrued annual leave shall be made with the last salary payment. Accrued sick leave and/or compensatory time have no monetary value. Some benefits may be continued at your expense if you choose. You will be notified in writing of the benefits that may be continued and of the terms, conditions, and limitations for continuing them.

Policy No.  405  Issued  7/17/2003    

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