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Computer Loan Program

Our Computer Loan Program is designed to help employees purchase hardware, software, and peripheral equipment for use at home. We extend this benefit to help employees develop their computer skills and to enhance their opportunity to assume new responsibilities or advancement within Big Sandy ADD.

Employees in the following employment classifications are eligible to participate in the Computer Loan Program:

* Regular full-time employees

* Regular part-time employees

Eligible employees may participate in the Computer Loan Program only after completing one year of service.

If you are eligible, the Computer Loan Program will grant an interest-free loan for the purchase of computer equipment and related software up to a maximum of 3000.00 dollars per loan per fiscal year. Employees will utilize the existing purchase order system and obtain authorization from the Financial Director prior to purchasing computer equipment. Repayment is to include taxes and all invoice related charges based upon the vendor's payment cycle. The employee must assume responsibility for warranty and maintenance of all equipment. The District will retain ownership of the computer and computer related equipment until payment is made in full. Upon leaving employment before the lease term is completed, payment will be made in full or the computer or computer related equipment will be returned to the District. If payment is not received before the end of your employment and the system or related equipment is not returned, the amount due will be withheld from your final paycheck. The loan repayment schedule will be divided into equal payments to be deducted from your payroll and cannot exceed 6 months. Only one loan may be active at a time.

Before you make a purchase, contact the Accounting Department to ensure that you have all the information you need and to get a loan request form.

Policy No.  330  Issued  7/17/2003    

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