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Educational Assistance

The District places high value and supports as a corporate investment the advanced educational development of its employees. Therefore, the District encourages employees and personnel-in-training to constantly seek to expand their respective knowledge and skill base. Consequently, as fiscal resources permit, on an annual basis and in an equitable manner, the District will share with full-time employees the costs of formal education at accredited institutions and certified training programs when such education and training is related to improved productivity and job performance of the employee in context of the District's programs.

Our educational assistance program is available to all eligible employees who have completed 6 months of service in an eligible employment classification. All employees must submit a written request using the standard form provided for that purpose to the Executive Director prior to the start of course work. If a public educational facility offers the courses requested, the District would expect the employee to utilize that institution. If a public educational facility does not offer the courses necessary, it will be the discretion of the Executive Director to approve reimbursement. No funds will be disbursed without the written authorization of the Executive Director prior to the start of course work.

Once you begin receiving educational assistance, to remain eligible, you must stay on the active payroll and perform your job satisfactorily as you complete each course. Employees in the following employment classifications are eligible for educational assistance:

* Regular full-time employees

* Regular part-time employees

To be eligible for educational assistance, individual courses or courses that are part of a degree, licensing, or certification program must be related to your current job duties or to a position you might have at Big Sandy ADD in the foreseeable future. When it comes to determining if a course or program is related to your current job or one that you might hold in the foreseeable future, that decision will be made by The Executive Director.

If the employee does not complete a course(s) for other than compelling reasons, as determined by the Executive Director, or should the employee fail the course, the employee shall be obligated to reimburse the District the full amount of the Districts investment, and shall be so informed by the Executive Director.

The District will disburse to the designated educational institution on behalf of the employee, a sum not to exceed 50 percent of the cost of tuition for under-graduate course work or specialized skills training, as well as, for post-graduate course work when the latter is job-position related. In addition, the District will disburse 50 percent of the cost of related necessary course materials to the individual. Disbursement will only be made upon presentation and verification of invoices when and as such costs are incurred. The employee must maintain a "C" average to qualify for this benefit.

In the instance of a request for payment for costs of job-related undergraduate or post-graduate course work, the District's commitment to make such an investment is conditioned upon he employee's agreement to continue his/her employment with the District for one year beyond the completion of the course work required for the degree program. If the employee requests the District to pay for any certifications or special skill classes, the employee will also be required to complete at least one year of service beyond the certification or be liable for reimbursment to the District in full.

The District expects educational assistance to enhance your performance and professional abilities; however, we do not promise or guarantee that additional education will result in advancement, new job assignments, or pay increases.

Policy No.  314  Issued  7/17/2003    

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