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Vacation Benefits

Big Sandy ADD offers vacation time (annual leave) off with pay to eligible employees for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. Regular full-time employees and Regular part-time employees are eligible to earn and use annual leave.

Once you enter an eligible employment classification, regular full-time employees begin to earn paid annual leave time equal to 7-1/2 hours per month during the first year of employment, 8-1/2 hours per month during years 2-5, and 10 hours per month after 5 years. You can request to use annual leave time after you have successfully completed your probationary period.

The amount of annual leave time for regular part-time employees shall be calculated according to the number of hours scheduled to work per week as pro-rated based on 37-1/2 hours per week. The rate of accumulation shall be stated in the letter of employment. Employees who work less than 20 hours per week will not accumulate annual leave time.

To schedule annual leave time, you should first request advance approval from your team leader. Team leaders shall cooperate with agency administrators of other organizations to assure schedule of leave time for staff members who are not employees of the District. Each request will be reviewed based on a number of factors, including our business needs and staffing requirements.

In the event that you do not use your available annual leave by the end of the benefit year, you may carry over the unused time to the next benefit year. If the total amount of unused annual leave time reaches a "cap" equal to 150 hours for regular full time employees, your annual leave accrual will stop. When you use annual leave time again and the available amount falls below the cap, your annual leave accrual will resume.

Employees may request payment of annual leave in lieu of annual leave time off up to a maximum of 37-1/2 hours each fiscal year. A request may only be made one time during a fiscal year. In the event of an extenuating circumstance, a second request may be made in writing to the Executive Director.

Employees are required to notify their designated team leader of their request for annual leave time prior to taking off; and to document such time accurately on the monthly time report. It is the responsibility of the staff member to inform the Communications Coordinator of annual leave scheduled. The signed time report is documentation of the team leaders approval of the annual leave request.

An employee may only apply for annual leave that has been accrued.

Accrued annual leave cannot be transferred from one employee to another. In the event an employee terminates his employment after the first twelve (12) months of employment, he may be compensated for a maximum of 20 days, (or the balance in his/her account if less than 20 days), accrued annual leave. However, if Big Sandy ADD, in its sole discretion, terminates your employment for cause, your unused annual leave time may be forfeited.

Absence due to sickness, injury or disability in excess of days authorized for such purposes may be charged against accrued annual leave at the request of the employee. Available annual leave will be deducted before the employee will be authorized for time off without pay.

The employee shall make every effort to schedule annual leave time so as not to interfere with the efficient operation of the District; the designated team leader shall give due consideration to requests made by employees for preferred annual leave times.

After annual leave schedules are approved, the designated team leader will not make changes in such schedules unless absolutely necessary, and then only upon advance notice (at least 10 days for requests of over 3 days) to the employee. However, the employee may cancel scheduled annual leave, providing notification to the team leader as soon as possible after plans change.

District employees may contribute from their own accrued annual leave time to his/her personal sick leave bank. At no given time shall the total sick leave hours accumulated exceed 320 hours.

In the event that an employee is hospitalized while on scheduled annual leave, that employee may claim sick leave instead of annual leave for those days of hospitalization. The employee will be expected to provide documentation from the attending physician or hospital of such circumstances.

Policy No.  303  Issued  3/17/2011  Applicable  2/2/2011

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