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Introductory Period

At Big Sandy ADD we want you to be successful at your job. We have found that having a working test period can be very helpful to new employees. The working test period provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that you can perform your job at a satisfactory level of performance and to determine if the new job meets your expectations. We use this period to evaluate your capabilities, work habits, and overall performance. Since employment at Big Sandy ADD is based on mutual consent, either you or Big Sandy ADD may end the employment relationship at will at any time during or after the working test period, with or without cause or advance notice.

The working test period for all new and rehired employees is the first 90 calendar days after the date of hire. If you are promoted or transferred within Big Sandy ADD, you will be asked to complete a secondary working test period of 30 days when you assume the new position. If there is a significant period of absence during the working test period, the period will automatically be extended by the length of the absence. Either during the working test period or at the end of the period, we may extend the working test period if we determine there was not adequate time to evaluate performance.

When you are promoted or transferred within Big Sandy ADD, if it is determined during the secondary working test period that you are not performing satisfactorily, you may be removed from the new position. If this occurs, you may be allowed to return to your former job or to a comparable job for which you are qualified, depending on the availability of such a position and our business needs. This process is at the discretion of the executive director.

When the initial working test period is satisfactorily completed, employees enter the "regular" employment classification.

Policy No.  205  Issued  2/21/2008  Applicable  1/14/2008

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